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New Jersey, aka our Garden State, is the home of beautiful nature, lovely beaches, and numerous food types. This fascinating state is the home of 9 million plus citizens open to recreational opportunities and great experiences.

As the 4th most culturally diverse state in the U.S. with four unique seasons, a New Jersey wedding has never been so easy. NJ wedding planners use the most beautiful beaches, historic locations, and landmarks to celebrate bridal shows, parties, beach weddings, and eco-friendly events.

For New Jersey wedding programs, wedding planners and event management should offer the most lucrative packages for the couple as a memorable life event. In Jersey, wedding planners near me give custom packages for wedding day events. Still, not every offer is the best deal for newlyweds.

Well-Dressed Events is an NJ-based award-winning wedding planner and event management service that loves celebrating the best occasions of your life. Our vision is to make a pitch-perfect wedding event for couples with uncompromising taste. We believe that unique and custom designs with a perfect balance of collaboration will bring flawless charm and mesmerizing effects to every celebration.

From wedding day events to bridal showers, birthdays to surprise parties, high school reunions to store openings, we are ready to give our best to create a mesmerized and memorable experience for clients that will last a lifetime.

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We are Capable and Experienced

Since 2016, the day WDE came into the scene, we have turned a lot of wedding dreams into reality. From New Jersey to Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania, we have hosted a wide array of events, including parties, baby showers, yearly meetings, etc.

N.J. wedding events require a lot of extra details to execute the event flawlessly. Our experience as jersey wedding planners helps us to organize and manage the timeline, handle last-minute challenges, and collaborate with vendors during the festivities.

We are Stylish

The wedding day comes to create a magical moment in everyone's life. That's why our event management service focuses on unique themes, exclusive ideas, and storytelling based on the couple's wedding journey in New Jersey.

At Well-Dressed Events, we have access to everything from photography to vendors, designers, and catering which is necessary for a stylish and well-managed wedding service. We cover our client's vision, from invitations to reception flowers that go down to confetti toss seamlessly.

We Care About the Success of Every Event

To make an NJ event successful, we always ensure that nothing is overlooked. As one of the most reliable event planners and day of wedding coordinator, N.J., we constantly push boundaries to meet our client's expectations and tailor each event uniquely.

Well-Dressed Events always strives to exceed client expectations and leave fantastic lasting impressions as one of the most memorable events of their life for sure. From guests' needs to venue decorating, we create the most suitable ambiance in your venue and run the entire event from start to finish to make it successful.

We Are Transparent

Transparency is our company policy. We love to remain transparent about what our packages include and what they do not. Also, our relationships allow us to quickly find the best vendors for you in your budget.

Understand What Sets
Well-Dressed Events AparT

How much does a wedding planner cost in N.J.?

Wedding planning in New Jersey cost falls under several criteria. Complete wedding planner service, including coordination, goes around $9000 - $12000. A partial wedding planner costs around $6000 - $7000, and a day of wedding coordinator, N.J., charges around $3000 - $4000.

How much of your budget should a wedding planner cost?

A wedding is a blessed day for couples. Everyone tries to make the event memorable, so hiring a jersey wedding planner is the best solution. A couple should budget around 10% – 15% to get the best output from an experienced wedding planner in NJ.

Is it worth it to pay for a wedding planner?

Wedding planners are professional service providers. They got experience and all the channels to give the best output on your big day. Plus, they cut the best deals with vendors, eventually minimizing the overall budget for the wedding events.

In a nutshell, hiring a wedding planner is worth the budget because they decorate the event mesmerizingly to create an unforgettable lifetime memory for everyone.

How much is an event planner in N.J.?

Event planners N.J. usually charge differently based on event types for clients. Overall, they charge $1,500 - $10,000 based on the specifics and scope of the event.

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