The Perfect Wedding Procession: A Guide to Your Big Entrance

Apr 2, 2024

Picture this: the stage is set, the music swells, and all eyes turn to the entrance, where the bride and groom make their grand entrance. Your wedding procession sets the stage for one of the most significant moments of your life—a moment filled with love, tradition, and anticipation. At Well-Dressed Events, we understand the importance of crafting a procession that not only honors tradition but also reflects your unique love story. With so many different processional orders to choose from, we’re here to give you the inside scoop and guide you through your wedding journey!

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So without further ado, here are our most commonly used wedding processional orders that you may want to include in your wedding!

Modern (Our Most Popular)

  1. Officiant
  2. Grandparents
  3. Parents of Groom
  4. Mom of bride with escort
  5. Groom
  6. Groomsmen (ending with Best Man)
  7. Bridesmaids (ending with MOH)
  8. Ring Bearer/Flower Girl
  9. Bride and Father of Bride

To determine which side the bride and groom stand on, we often ask the bride what her “good side is” beforehand! But guests and family can sit or stand on either side.

Jewish Procession

  1. Rabbi
  2. Bride’s grandparents (or they can choose to be seated beforehand)
  3. Groom’s grandparents (or they can choose to be seated beforehand)
  4. Groomsmen in pairs (shortest to tallest)
  5. Best man and/or Best woman
  6. The groom, escorted by his parents (father on his left, mother on his right)
  7. Bridesmaids (individually or in pairs)
  8. The bride, escorted by her parents (father on her left, mother on her right)

The bride’s side is on the right (if you’re facing the chuppah) and the groom’s is on the left. Both sets of parents stand under the chuppah during the ceremony, alongside the bride, groom, and rabbi. Grandparents sit during the ceremony.

Catholic Procession

Grandparents and parents are seated before this all begins but sometimes they walk down during the processional or during the prelude of the ceremony to kick it off 

  1. Pastor/Priest
  2. Groom
  3. BestMan
  4. Groomsmen
  5. Bridesmaids
  6. Maid of Honor
  7. Ring Bearer and Flower Girl
  8. Bride with dad

Most commonly, the bride’s side sits on the left and the groom’s side sits on the right 

LGBTQIA+ Procession

Option 1

  1. Officiant
  2. Parents of partner 1
  3. Parents of partner 2
  4. Wedding Party (individually or in pairs)
  5. Ring Bearers/Flower Girls
  6. Couple together

Option 2

  1. Officiant
  2. Wedding Party (individually or in pairs)
  3. Ring Bearers/Flower Girls
  4. Partner 1 escorted by parents
  5. Partner 2 escorted by parents

Guests can sit or stand wherever!

To Put A Bow On It!

Your wedding processional is more than just a walk down the aisle, and these processional orders are sure to have every guest dabbing their eyes. Our list of processions is just a starting point for finding what works best for you. Every wedding is different because every couple is different so use our options to create a wedding processional that fits your specific needs and preferences. At Well-Dressed Events, we’re here to add some flair, sprinkle some magic, and ensure that your big day is nothing short of legendary. For more wedding tips and information, contact us! Happy planning!

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