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Apr 7, 2023

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We’re always looking for the next cutting-edge product to share with our wedding couples, so we just about lost our minds when we found Undo the Booze. Undo the Booze is an all-encompassing hangover prevention supplement filled with replenishing essential vitamins, healing herbs and minerals for liver support and adaptogen that boost the mind and body. The capsules are also vegetarian, gluten-free and made without any unnecessary fillers.

How to Undo The Booze.

Just finished your last drink?

  1. Open 1 supplement pack
  2. Take 1-5 capsules based on how many drinks you consumed
  3. Rest & wake up ready to take on the day

Had 2 drinks? Take 2 capsules. Had 5+ drinks? Take 5 capsules. It really is that simple.

You can read more about the ingredients in these doctor-formulated supplements here.

How we’d incorporate it into a wedding.

  • As a fun, unique welcome bag item that your guests will actually use and be happy about.
  • As a cute late night grab-and-go item along with branded waters and a snack to soak up that booze!
  • Make them available at the bars.
  • As items in your bachelor/bachelorette emergency kits.
  • Have housekeeping leave on hotel guests’ pillows during turn down service.

To put a bow on it…

As booze-lovers ourselves, this shit really works. We’ve always been advocates of Liquid IV and Advil for your wedding day activities, but those products aren’t proactive. This is the only thing we’ve used that helps lessen the awful effects of a hangover in advance. In fact, we’ve already added a handful of packs to our emergency kits to strategically hand out as needed at rehearsal dinners and welcome parties to make sure our wedding couples wake up on their wedding day feeling refreshed and ready to go!

Undo the Booze is available in packs of 10 or party packs of 200! Automatically get 10% off your purchase via this link or use the code WELLDRESSED10 at checkout!

And if you’re looking for help coordinating your wedding or are looking for wedding welcome bag services, be sure to contact us!

  1. […] Undo The Booze is an herbal supplement with no unnecessary ingredients or fillers that allow you to focus on having fun without having to worry about the consequences the next morning. You can read more about this must-have product via this link. […]

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