A Sneak Peek into the Hottest 2024 NJ Wedding Trends

Sep 7, 2023

As we step into 2024, a whole new world of wedding trends is unfolding before us. From timeless classics that will never go away to new untraditional ideas, 2024 is sure to be the hottest year yet for wedding trends! So if you’re a 2024 New Jersey bride looking for a few ideas to make your wedding pop, you’ve come to the right place!

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2024 promises to be a truly unforgettable bridal year with new trends and traditions that celebrate the beauty of love. Without further ado, let’s take a sneak peek into the hottest New Jersey wedding trends that are here to stay, the fresh arrivals that are poised to steal the spotlight, and the fond farewells to trends of yesterday!

Trends That Are Here to Stay

  • Intimate Gatherings: The intimate wedding trend, which found its footing in recent times, continues to shine brightly in 2024. Couples are favoring smaller guest lists to curate a celebration that centers around close family and friends. This allows for more meaningful interactions and the potential for more stylized, editorial decor.

  • Outdoor Celebrations: The allure of outdoor weddings continues as couples find themselves captivated by the romance of open skies and natural backdrops in New Jersey. Whether it’s a serene beach down the shore setting or a rustic barn nestled amidst the Hudson, the charm of New Jersey nature remains a favorite.

  • Environmentally Conscious Celebrations: The commitment to sustainability is a trend that’s evolving and growing stronger. As professional New Jersey wedding planners, we always tell our sustainably chic brides to consider locally grown florals and rented decor. Instead of buying things for your wedding that will likely end up in the trash, consider renting. If you feel strongly about purchasing items, see if there’s a nearby rental company who might want to take them and rent them out to a future bride once your done with them!

  • Unplugged Ceremonies: 2024 couples are opting for unplugged ceremonies, encouraging guests to put away their devices and fully immerse themselves in the celebration. It ensures that everyone is present in the moment, creating a deeper connection and a more intimate atmosphere. We always tell our brides to leave the wedding content to the hired professionals!

New Trends To Watch Out For

  • Seated Bridal Parties: In the coming year, couples will begin opting for a seated bridal party. Rather than having bridesmaids and groomsmen stay standing throughout the ceremony, they will have the opportunity to sit comfortably after walking down the aisle. Having a seated bridal party ensures that all eyes are on the beautiful couple and nothing else.

  • Dramatic Floral Arrangements: Floral arrangements are making a statement in 2024, couples are exploring larger-than-life arrangements that double as stunning backdrops for ceremonies and receptions. Think hanging floral chandeliers, floating arches, and centerpieces that blend seamlessly with the overall design and transport guests into a fairytale world, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

  • Wedding Day Content Creators: A notable addition to the 2024 New Jersey wedding landscape is the rise of hired content creators. Couples are recognizing the value of having a professional on hand who knows all things social media. This role doesn’t replace a photographer or videographer but instead is a tool to produce real-time content on your special day so that you don’t have to. Content creators can create and direct behind-the-scenes social media content like bridal party getting ready TikToks or other fun videos throughout the night. Trust us, as the bride you don’t want to be carrying your phone around all day or stopping intimate moments to take a video. Content creators ensure you get all the footage you want for your socials!

  • Small Bouquets: In light of Sofia Richie’s 2023 wedding, small bridal bouquets are starting to come back in style! Brides will start opting for delicate and understated floral arrangements that exude timeless elegance. These petite bouquets not only accentuate the bride’s beauty but also allow her personality to shine through. 

Trends We’re Saying Goodbye To

  • Uniform Bridesmaid Dresses: Matching bridesmaid dresses are making way for the celebration of individual styles. Whether that means everyone is in a different color, texture, or just a different dress style, brides are encouraging their bridal party to choose dresses that flatter their personalities and body types. Giving your bridesmaids the ability to be authentically themselves will result in a harmonious yet diverse look that everyone is happy with!

  • Overly Staged Photos: 2024 marks a significant shift in wedding photography. Couples are moving away from overly staged, posed photos in favor of capturing authentic, candid moments. The emphasis is on documenting real emotions, genuine interactions, and the unscripted beauty of the day. This trend ensures that each photograph tells a true story, reflecting the genuine joy and love that fill the air.  We’re talking perfectly imperfect photos. From your makeup strewn on the table to your bridesmaid putting on her press on nails last minute, to the glass of wine your uncle spilled on the linens. We’re loving the undone and realness of this new style.

  • Wedding Hashtags: While once a trendy way to document the day, wedding hashtags will begin fading in popularity in 2024. In recent years, couples are finding more creative ways to view the pictures taken throughout the night. Disposable cameras have become all the rave as an easy and sentimental way for guests to take pictures during your celebration. 

To Put A Bow On It

As you plan your own special day, consider how these 2024 New Jersey wedding trends can play into creating a celebration that is uniquely yours. From intimate gatherings that radiate grandeur to dramatic floral arrangements, our professional wedding planning team at Well-Dressed Events has given the green light to the hottest new wedding trends. Whether you’re working with a New Jersey wedding planner or just need more ideas on how to make your wedding day unforgettable, contact us!

  1. Thanks for sharing these exciting 2024 wedding trends! It’s clear that New Jersey brides have some fantastic options to make their weddings truly special. The focus on intimate gatherings, outdoor celebrations, and environmental consciousness is not only trendy but also thoughtful. I’m intrigued by the idea of seated bridal parties and dramatic floral arrangements, which can add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the big day. It’s refreshing to see a shift towards capturing authentic moments in wedding photography, as well as the move away from overly staged photos. Overall, these trends promise to make 2024 a memorable year for weddings in New Jersey.

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