Bridal Party Responsibilities: Pre-Wedding & Wedding Day Advice

Sep 26, 2023

Being selected to be a member of a bridal party is an honor. From the time the bride says “yes” to the moment she says “I do.” the bridal party is the one who stands by the couple’s side, offering their unwavering support, love, and assistance in making the couple’s wedding dreams come true. While wearing matching dresses and planning bachelorette parties can be fun, there are still some responsibilities to keep in mind during the planning journey.  

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Wedding culture is an ever-changing industry and each and each couple has its own unique style and set of rules. So whether you’ve been in dozens of weddings or are going to be in your first one, it never hurts to brush up on your skills and learn a few new things. So without further ado, let’s dive into the crucial role bridal party members serve in the wedding journey, covering their pre-wedding and on-the-day responsibilities.

Pre Wedding Responsibilities

Emotional Support and Encouragement: As a member of the bridal party your number one job is to provide emotional support during the months leading up to the wedding. You will play a crucial role in keeping the bride’s spirits high. From lending a listening ear to offering encouragement when the to-do lists seem never-ending, you are the couple’s confidants and cheerleaders through the planning process. 

Bridal Shower and Bachelor/Bachelorette Party: Traditionally, the bridal party hosts and organizes the bridal shower and bachelor/bachelorette parties. These events are meant to celebrate the bride and groom so it’s important to make sure the parties reflect the couple’s styles. Whether the couple chooses to have a joint party or celebrate separately, it’s the bridal party’s job to make sure they are enjoying every second!

Dress Shopping: A bridesmaid’s role isn’t just to wear matching dresses and look pretty; you can help choose the bride’s wedding dress, too! As professional New Jersey wedding planners, we always tell our brides to surround themselves with people who will give their honest opinions while still supporting the bride every step of the way. If you go wedding dress shopping, it’s important to remember that the bride’s preferences may not align with yours and that’s okay! Again, your main role as a bridesmaid is to be the bride’s number-one cheerleader! 

Wedding Planning Assistance: Whether it’s addressing invitations, assembling DIY decorations, or attending vendor meetings, the bride can always use a helping hand with various wedding planning tasks. Before you take on the role of a bridesmaid, make sure you communicate your availability to the bride so she knows if and when she can ask for your help.  

Attend Rehearsal Dinners and Pre-Wedding Events: You should always be present for the rehearsal dinner and other pre-wedding events. Not only are you there to offer support but it’s a great way to become familiar with the wedding schedule and your role during the ceremony.

Wedding Day Responsibilities

Help with Getting Ready: While one of the most anticipated roles of a bridal party is looking fabulous on the wedding day, the bridal party should also be there to help the bride get ready. This includes assisting with hair and makeup, pouring champagne, and ensuring the bride has everything she needs. Be attentive to the bride’s needs and provide a calming presence if there are any pre-ceremony jitters.

Be Punctual: Timing is everything when it comes to weddings. Bridesmaids should always be aware of the timeline for the day and make sure that they are where they need to be at all hours. If you’re confused about what to do or where to go at any time during the day, don’t be afraid to ask the on-site wedding planner for help!

Reception Duties: At the reception, your responsibilities may include delivering a speech or toast, assisting with any traditional activities (like the bouquet toss or garter removal), and encouraging guests to participate in the festivities. Keep the energy high on the dance floor and help create a joyful atmosphere for all!

Crisis Management: Sometimes, unexpected challenges arise on the wedding day, and problem-solving is a vital skill for a bridal party member. Whether it’s a wardrobe malfunction, a last-minute change in schedule, or an unruly guest, be prepared to handle these situations calmly and discreetly. For a lot of couples, having a reliable and comforting presence by their side is invaluable.

Have Fun: Most importantly, the bridal party should enjoy themselves and have fun. Your enthusiasm and positive energy will set the tone for the entire celebration. Dance, celebrate, and revel in the love of the day. Make sure the couple knows you’re there to help them enjoy every moment and ensure they have whatever they may need to have the perfect wedding day experience!

To Put A Bow On It!

In the bustling world of wedding planning being a member of a bridal party is a special and rewarding role. Bridal parties serve as a great support system, bringing joy, encouragement, and order to the whirlwind of emotions leading up to the big day. With your moral support, careful planning, and dedication, any New Jersey wedding will be a magical and memorable experience, filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments. For other wedding tips and information, contact us! Cheers to making wedding dreams come true!

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