Gender-Neutral Baby Showers: 5 Ideas for a Surprise Arrival

Oct 19, 2023

Baby showers are the perfect opportunity to celebrate the parents-to-be and shower them with love and support as they embark on this incredible journey. When the gender of the baby is a surprise, there are a few things to consider when it comes to planning a gender-neutral baby shower. 

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As New Jersey’s top baby shower planners, we’ve planned hundreds of baby showers. So when it comes to gender-neutral showers we are here to dish all our secrets. Without further ado, let’s explore themes, advice, games, and activities for a surprise arrival baby shower that will leave your guests just as surprised as your baby’s gender!

Theme and Decor

Theme and Decor: For a gender-neutral baby shower, choose a theme that celebrates the universal aspects of parenting. Nature, animals, and vintage themes are great choices. You can go with soft and soothing colors such as mint green, pale yellow, or neutral tones like beige and white. Incorporate greenery, wooden accents, and eco-friendly decorations to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. For more ideas for theme and decor, check out our gallery of past baby showers


Your invitations can set the tone for your gender-neutral baby shower. Opt for neutral colors and incorporate playful, gender-neutral symbols like storks or baby rattles. Emphasize the surprise element in your invitation, leaving guests eager to celebrate the mystery of the baby’s gender with you!

Games & Activities

Games and activities are an essential part of any baby shower and will promote bonding and creativity. Here are a few ideas our baby shower planners have been loving:

  • Guess the Baby’s Birthdate: Have guests write down their predictions for the baby’s birth date, weight, and length. The closest guess wins a prize.

  • Baby Bingo: Create bingo cards with common baby-related items. As the parents-to-be open their gifts, guests mark off the items they spot. The first one to get bingo wins a prize.

  • Baby Name Suggestions: Have guests suggest baby names, both boy and girl names, for the parents-to-be to consider. This can be a fun and interactive activity that adds a personal touch to the celebration

  • Wishing Tree: Set up a tree (real or decorative) and provide guests with cards to write their well wishes for the baby. Hang these cards on the tree as a beautiful keepsake for the parents-to-be.

  • Time Capsule: Create a time capsule that guests can contribute to. Have them write letters or notes to the baby, which will be sealed and opened on a special occasion in the future, like the child’s 18th birthday.

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Show your appreciation to your guests with thoughtful gender-neutral party favors. Ideas include mini succulents, scented candles, or custom cookies in the shape of baby items. Consider adding a personalized thank-you note to make the favors extra special.

Inclusive Gift Ideas

For guests, when selecting gifts for the parents-to-be, opt for practical and gender-neutral items like baby essentials, gift cards, or contributions to a baby fund. This ensures that the gifts remain relevant regardless of the baby’s gender.

To Put a Bow On It!

Planning a gender-neutral baby shower for a surprise arrival is a heartwarming and exciting experience. Celebrating the parents-to-be and the impending surprise arrival of their little one is a beautiful way to create a sense of anticipation. Embrace the joy and excitement of the unknown, and remember that the most important thing is the love and support surrounding the growing family. Your gender-neutral baby shower will be a memorable event that celebrates the universal aspects of parenthood and the wonderful journey ahead. To learn more about how to plan the perfect baby shower, contact us. Happy Planning!

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