New Jersey Wedding Planners

New Jersey Wedding Planners: How To Pick The Right One

Event planning and styling can be stressful, but Well-Dressed Events offers planning services to lighten the strain. Well-Dressed Events help create your wedding idea from conception to completion, organizing and coordinating your special events with precision.

Getting married is an exciting time for most people. You are caught up in the euphoria of love, announcing that you are getting married to family, friends, and everyone you wish to know. 

However, this euphoria can quickly dissipate when you start getting frustrated with wedding planning. 
This is where New Jersey wedding planners come in. You should keep reading if you are in the market for a wedding planner, especially in the New Jersey region.

How To Pick Your Wedding Planner

Choosing a wedding planner is about more than just getting quick relief from your wedding planning stress. It is SO much more than that. Whoever becomes your wedding planner is the person you want to trust with your life, your very own planning BFF. This way, you and your fiancé are blissful, relaxed, and looking forward to a beautiful marriage.

Wedding coordinators like Well-Dressed Events help you with everything from complete planning and coordination to day-of event management. Like weddings everywhere else, New Jersey weddings require nothing less than this.

Your wedding coordinator should have the following qualities:

Patience Mixed with Creativity:

A wedding planner should have two most important traits: creativity and patience. Each one by itself is insufficient. Here at Well-Dressed Events, we have mastered the creativity required to align with the couple's ideas

Finance and Budget:

An efficient wedding planner should counsel the couple on their finances. After all, weddings are expensive! 

Our team at Well-Dressed Events is skilled at creating and adhering to a budget. At the same time, we understand that this is one of the most vital moments in your life, so we go out of our way to ensure your wedding is beautiful, creative, and unique regardless of your budget.


Your New Jersey wedding planner must have good organizational abilities. It is expected that a planner reduces wedding planning stress. 

Choose us as your wedding planner, and we can confidently take charge so that you may unwind, knowing everything will turn out perfectly.

Clear Communication:

For a wedding to go smoothly, communication will be essential. 

As effective wedding planners, we have the skills to interact with people from different backgrounds. We've worked with people from various walks of life. We've mastered the traditions, appreciate the ceremonies, and are eager to learn more.


If you are not going to go for an efficient wedding planner, you shouldn't bother getting a planner at all.

We at Well-Dressed Events have a 'bust-our-butt' mentality. With this and our skillset and positive energy, you can rest easy and focus on enjoying your wedding day.

Mistakes To Avoid While Picking a Planner

Going for a planner whose planning style does not align with your lifestyle

Planning a wedding with someone means you will be talking to your wedding planner or jumping on calls A LOT. So, don't go for a wedding planner who doesn't have a flexible schedule – especially if you don't.

If you work full-time Monday through Friday, pick a wedding planner that can accommodate meetings outside your work hours. 

You don't want to disrupt your schedule whenever you need to talk to your wedding planner.

Hiring any planner who keeps you out of the loop

Don't go for any planner that cannot properly communicate with you. 

If you want to be heavily involved in the planning process, your wedding planner should be able to collaborate and include you at every step of the way. This entails excellent communication, simple organization, and methods for keeping the planning process visible.

Please inquire with the planners you're interviewing about their planning tactics, tools, and strategies for keeping you updated every step of the journey. When it comes to wedding preparation, you don't want any surprises. It's already stressful enough!

Pick a wedding planner like us because we are relationship driven, so we become your planning BFF.

You have to Break the bank to hire them

Do you appreciate the idea of fixed, transparent pricing? Then you'll want a planner that charges a flat fee for the package, so you don't get caught with a surprise expense based on hourly work or a percentage of your final budget.

Do you prefer to pay your providers directly rather than through your planner? Then hire a planner who will assist you in keeping vendor costs low while tracking payment methods and timelines.

When they connect you, it is not uncommon for planners to accept back-end transactions and commissions from the providers. 

So, to avoid this, ensure that your planner charges flat, predictable rates and that they pass on vendor discounts to you directly wherever possible. 

This way, you can be assured that your planner is recommending the finest vendors for you rather than just those who give them commissions.

Hiring someone, you don't think can be your friend in real life

The truth is, you won't always be upbeat and stress-free during the wedding planning process. 

You could be dealing with a demanding job, relocating, starting a family, purchasing a home, or combining your family's wedding wishes with your own. All through this, you'll work closely with your wedding coordinator – through the good and bad times.

So, it is crucial to examine your compatibility. Is this someone you'd get along with in person? Can you express your feelings to them? Can you join them for drinks? Can you sob in front of them? A wedding planner becomes a confidante. 

If you don't notice this compatibility immediately, it could indicate that you haven't met the proper person. You shouldn't feel awkward being yourself (even if it's your drunk-mascara-running-just-finished-crying-after-arguing-with-family self) in front of your wedding planner.

Why Pick Us As Your NJ Planner?

A wedding planner is an investment that will ensure your wedding preparation process is seamless and that your wedding day is EPIC.

At Well-Dressed Events, no matter your budget, our team's meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the wedding planning process is handled. 

We thrive in creating memorable moments where your guests are looked after. At the same time, you relax and enjoy your event thanks to our inventiveness, attention to detail, and focus on service.

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